Brett Reif
Vice President for Biennial Conference
Kansas City Art Institute


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National Conferences

MESSAGE from FATE 2015 Biennial Conference:

FATE, what can I say? It was great!

In 2001, I attended my first FATE Conference hosted by Ringling. I was a green foundations coordinator at Herron who was looking desperately for more information about how to run a successful foundations program. With FATE, I found colleagues who were invested in creating the strongest foundation experience for their students. I found a conference of mentors. I left the conference knowing that someday I wanted to bring FATE to Herron, and in 2015 that dream came true.

I want to thank everyone who presented and attended. The generous sharing of ideas is a hallmark of FATE and it held true for Tectonic Shifts. I want to thank my colleagues, Sherry Stone, Nancy Wright, and Reagan Furqueron. Without them the hosting of the conference would have been an impossible task. Sherry Stone put together strong roster of sessions, and without Nancy Wright we would have been lost in the process of finding a suitable conference hotel.  

Thank you also to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The IMA was incredibly generous. We came to Scott Stulen, IMA Curator of Audience Experiences, asking if it would be okay to bus conference attendees to the museum. He said that he planned on doing much more than that. All together he curated eight separate events for the conference.

Thank you also to Mark Ruschman, Chief Curator of the Indiana State Museum, for curating a top-notch members exhibition.

Thank you also to my fellow board members. We were a mostly new board and through the process of planning for Tectonic Shifts we learned a lot from each other. I have nothing but the highest respect for all of you, and I think that FATE could not be in better hands.

It is time now to pass the torch to the Kansas City Art Institute and Brett Reif. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2017! 

William Potter
Vice President for Biennial Conference, 2013-15


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 Kansas City: FATE 2017

The FATE national biennial conference will be hosted by the Kansas City Art Institute in 2017. 

We are currently in the planning stages of this event. Check back later for more information. 

Tectonic Shifts: FATE 2015 

The FATE national biennial conference was hosted by the Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, March 25 – 28, 2015.  The theme, “Tectonic Shifts: Breaking New Ground,” led many to Indianapolis to examine and share how the forces of change are shaping the foundation landscape.


Daily Session List with Session Abstract:
[Thursday 3.26.15]
[Friday 3.27.15]
[Saturday 3.28.15]



2015 Juried Members Exhibition

The Tectonic Shifts Juried Members Exhibition curated byMark Ruschman, Chief Curator of Fine Art at the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN. ( ran from March 4th- April 18th at the Herron Galleries. The Members reception took place on March 27th.

Best of Show 
Carol Griffith, Southern Approaches, o/c and panel 
3 Honorable Mentions
Anne Stagg(re)present (Judy 1, Judy 2), mixed media 
David Forbes, Seduction of Consumption, mixed media 
Darren Hostetter, Drones 2, acrylic on aluminum























2015 List of Vendors

  • Canson
  • ColArt
  • General Pencil Company
  • The Folding Art Horse 
  • Jack Richeson
  • HK Holbein
  • Manifest Gallery and Drawing Center
  • JBH Technologies
  • Kunst & Papier US                 
  • Ampersand Art (Gamblin)
  • Thames & Hudson Inc.
  • Princeton Artist & Brush Co. (SAMPRO)
  • Indigo Artpapers 


MEMBERSHIP POLICY  All Session Chairs and Presenters must be current members of FATE by December 31, 2016 to ensure that their sessions and abstracts are published in the conference program. 

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED  Everyone must register for the conference. The FATE conference is organized for the professional benefit of its members. Registration fees and membership dues cover the costs of the overall conference.  Session chairs have the responsibility to make it clear to their accepted and invited speakers that all conference participants, including all chairs and presenters, must be FATE members and register for the conference.

MEDIA POLICY  Session rooms will be provided with one digital projector and one projection screen. Laptops will not be provided. Mac users must provide the proper VGA adapter for a digital projector. 

SCHEDULING POLICY  It is the position of the planning committee that the first session on Thursday is as important and informative as the last session on Saturday. However, we understand that scheduling conflicts and other factors can limit participation to various times and days. Therefore, if you have such a limitation, bring it to your session chair’s attention immediately upon your acceptance to the session. Effort will be made to accommodate your requests, but there are many factors that determine the final schedule, and it may not be possible to meet your individual needs. The conference director’s decisions on scheduling are the final word. 

CANCELATION POLICY  After advanced registration online closes, refunds will not be offered, as payment will have already been submitted to all conference programing.












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