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A MESSAGE from FATE 2017 Biennial Conference Organizers:

The Kansas City Art Institute hosts the 2017 FATE Conference, which will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Country Club Plaza area of Kansas City Missouri from April 5th-9th. The KCAI Coordination Team has been established and is working in collaboration with FATE Board of Directors in creating, “To the Core and Beyond”. Misty Gamble (Co-VP for Biennial Conference and Co-Program Director), Steve Whitacre (Co-Chair of Finance), Caleb Taylor (Co-VP for Biennial Conference), Steve Snell (Co-Program Director), Brett Reif (Facilities and Volunteer Liaison), and Marco Rosichelli (Regional Coordinator) complete the team and share the responsibilities in hosting the 2017 conference. It is a thrilling time to be visiting our community because we are experiencing a cultural revitalization influenced by our flourishing start-ups, artist-directed initiatives, and highly invested makers and designers.  KCAI is a significant force in this revival and many of these leading contributors started in our Foundation program.  The KCAI Foundation Department recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, establishing it as one of the longest operating programs focused on first principles of art and design education in the country. 

The conference theme "To the Core and Beyond" strives to capture the significance of beginnings and the establishment of creative models that stretch into and beyond the studio.  Your contributions and camaraderie to these matters will add dimension to this discourse that looks beyond the present and begins to build the core to our future.

The Kansas City Art Institute Foundation Department Faculty

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FATE's 16th Biennial Conference: April 6th-8th, 2017

KCAI’s Foundation Department will host To the Core and Beyond, FATE's 16th Biennial Conference from April 6th - 8th, 2017 at the Intercontinental at the Plaza in Kansas City. There FATE members will gather as leading voices in fundamental art and design instruction and examine place, geography, introspective and reflexive actions, pedagogical values, and the potency of origins across the world.  

Kansas City is a centrally-located destination that features renowned cultural institutions and a flourishing arts community. KCAI is honored to provide a platform where engagements and dialogues focusing on the obligations of core instruction in art and design will be fostered and challenged through questions such as the following:

  • How does one find models for being in the world as artists?
  • How does our investments in fundamental principles transport the next generation of artists and designers beyond the traditional paradigms and beyond the classroom?
  • How is your program initiating collaborations with cultural producers?

Influences from inside and outside the studio drive the development of Foundation programs and their students.  In response to the conference theme, a broad spectrum of artists and academics will examine our reach as educators, and question how we instill world values through Foundation instruction and diverse programmatic structures.  


Please review FATE 2017 session abstracts [here] and submit your proposal abstract(s) for up to 2 sessions by Monday, July 25th, 2016. Each session abstract is listed with the session chairs contact information; please email them directly if you have any questions about a particular session. 

Your submission will be a 2-part process:

You do not need to be a current FATE member to apply; however, membership will be required at the time of the event. Conference participants will only be allowed to present and/or chair one session, so if you are chosen to present for two sessions, please be in contact with both session chairs in order to decide on the best session fit. Presenters will be notified of their selection by August 1st, 2016. Any questions regarding your proposal can be directed to FATEproposals@kcai.edu

Instructions for Session Chairs found [here] 

Integrative Teaching International's Pre-Conference Event

In partnership with FATE, Integrative Teaching International (ITI) will offer a ThinkCatalyst intensive just prior to the 2017 Biennial FATE conference. This one-day intensive will take place on April 5, 2015 in Kansas City. It will address thematic issues of higher art education through facilitated breakout discussion groups, presentations, immersive discussions, and social interaction with lunch provided. ThinkCatalyst will help prime the pump for the FATE conference by engaging in discourse of thematic content that builds upon ideas prompted in the 2016 summer intensive ThinkTank9 – Citizen/Artist: Education and Agency

A call to participate in this highly engaging academic exchange will be coming soon!

 Get excited about Kansas City! Visit the city [here]  

Conference Registration Opens August 15th

Early Bird Registration:  8.15.16 - 9.30.16
$285 Member
$195 Graduate Student
$215 Retiree

Advanced Registration:  10.01.16 - 3.06.17
$315 Member
$195 Graduate Student
$215 Retiree

Regular Registration:  3.07.17 thru conference
$345 Member
$210 Graduate Student
$230 Retiree

Conference registration cost includes breakfast and lunch 4/6-4/8.

Conference Hotel

The conference will take place at the Intercontinental at the Plaza in Kansas City. Conference Room rates have been blocked off and reserved from 4.04.17 - 4.08.17 at a cost of $139 per night for a single or double.  Hotel registration will open in Fall 2016. 

MEMBERSHIP POLICY  All Session Chairs and Presenters must be current members of FATE by December 31, 2016 to ensure that their sessions and abstracts are published in the conference program. 

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED  Everyone must register for the conference. The FATE conference is organized for the professional benefit of its members. Registration fees and membership dues cover the costs of the overall conference.  Session chairs have the responsibility to make it clear to their accepted and invited speakers that all conference participants, including all chairs and presenters, must be FATE members and register for the conference.

MEDIA POLICY  Session rooms will be provided with one digital projector and one projection screen. Laptops will not be provided. Mac users must provide the proper VGA adapter for a digital projector. 

SCHEDULING POLICY  It is the position of the planning committee that the first session on Thursday is as important and informative as the last session on Saturday. However, we understand that scheduling conflicts and other factors can limit participation to various times and days. Therefore, if you have such a limitation, bring it to your session chair’s attention immediately upon your acceptance to the session. Effort will be made to accommodate your requests, but there are many factors that determine the final schedule, and it may not be possible to meet your individual needs. The conference director’s decisions on scheduling are the final word. 

CANCELATION POLICY  After advanced registration online closes, refunds will not be offered, as payment will have already been submitted to all conference programing.












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